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9:22 p.m. - 2009-07-31
end blog [continued in svanemo]
I'm marrying Caitlin Rodriguez, I've purposed to the hipster Queen and she's excepted. I'm pushing out the emotions of what truly matters, I'm bringing my heart and soul back through the Queen.
I've brought my art back to a point where it matters. I've brought this show back to a point where the entirety of it matters because of Caitlin Rodriguez who has restored my artistic soul.

I'm marrying Caitlin because I love her.
I'm marrying Caitlin because she's the girl I've always wanted that I couldn't have despite any form of fame any form of money any form of anything but truth and the oddity of a circumstance that could never be explained in a million years
I am living in Project Art School Quantum Leap.
Caitlin Rodriguez is Dr. Beckett's wife.
I am Dr. Sam Beckett
crossing his way through the Ricci tunnel.
The Quantum Leap accelerator is in 215 East 23rd Street Apt. 2223A1 New York, New York 10010




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